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Pre-petition tax refund garnishment avoidable under 522(h), but not 522(f).

Johnson v CACH, LLC (In re Johnson), E.D. Mich., December 20, 2010 (Case No. 10-12873, Hon. Robert H. Cleland)

When a creditor has a state court judgment, garnishing the judgment debtor's state income tax refund is a common collection method.  If the judgment debtor files bankruptcy, issues often arise as to whether the creditor can keep the refund or whether the debtor is entitled to recover and exempt the refund. Read More ›

Categories: Chapter 7, Eastern District of Michigan

Did You Know? | Debtors and Non-Filing Spouses May Lose Right to Rebut Presumption of Equal Ownership if Debtor Has Equal Rights to Asset

Often in bankruptcy cases involving a debtor with a non-filing spouse, the presumption of equal ownership arises.  Subject to certain exclusions, Section 541 of the Bankruptcy Code provides that all property in which the debtor has a legal or equitable ownership interest becomes property of the estate at the commencement of the case.  This includes property the debtor owns with a non-filing spouse.  In some situations, particularly if the debtor does not have an exemption available, the debtor will try to rebut the presumption of equal ownership. Read More ›

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