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Eastern District: Business Debtors in Chapter 7 Must Tighten Their Belts, Too

In re Rahim, Bankr. E.D. Mich., Dec. 16, 2010 (Case No. 10-57577-R, Hon. Steven Rhodes).

When one thinks of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the low-income consumer debtor who is overwhelmed by debt often comes to mind. But individuals whose debts are primarily "non-consumer" debts – usually business debts – may also qualify for Chapter 7 relief, even if they cannot pass the "means test" required for consumer debtors under BAPCPA. Because business debtors do not have to pass the means test, their incomes may be significantly higher than what one might expect to see in a Chapter 7 case. However, at least one Michigan bankruptcy court is requiring high-income business debtors to tighten their belts when they seek Chapter 7 relief.

In In re Rahim, the married debtors, both practicing physicians, earned a startlingly high income. Despite having filed Chapter 7, the debtors' annual income exceeded $500,000, and their expenses included sizeable mortgage payments on their home, vacation home, and rental home, plus payments on three luxury vehicles. Their debts included numerous mortgages and personal guaranty liability arising out of failed real estate ventures. Read More ›

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New Amendments to Bankruptcy Rules Take Effect

Although less sweeping than the 2009 rule amendments, which changed the time periods for many actions, bankruptcy professionals should take note of the most recent changes to the Bankruptcy Rules. 

Notably, Amended Rule 1007(c) increases the time for an individual debtor in Chapter 7 to file the statement of completion of a course concerning personal financial management from 45 days to 60 days. Read More ›

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