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Collect Your Money in Bankruptcy: Chapter 7

All is not lost when a debtor files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. On September 22, attorneys Patricia Scott and Scott Chernich presented a webinar titled "Collect Your Money in Bankruptcy: Chapter 7." In addition to teaching the ins and outs of how to collect money and assets in a Chapter 7, they discussed the basics of a Chapter 7, motions for relief from stay, co-debtor stay, non-dischargeable claims, and other topics to efficiently and effectively obtain what is rightfully yours in a bankruptcy.

To watch this webinar view the recording on our YouTube channel here.

Are you interested in learning about collecting your money in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Sign up to attend these two webinars below.

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 focuses on solving clients’ problems. She does so primarily in the areas of Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights, Construction Law, and Contract Disputes, and as a certified Mediator for parties and counsel in these three areas. 

Her practice includes considerable experience ranging from the construction industry to the financial industry, from manufacturing and retail to real estate and agricultural businesses. She welcomes referrals in all industries.

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