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Chapter 11 Retainer is Property of Estate even if Paid by Third Party

In re Newcomb Print Communications, Inc., Case No. 12-08042 (Bankr. W.D. Mich., Sept. 6, 2013).

When a debtor files a case under Chapter 11 and retains legal counsel, another person or entity may fund the debtor’s retainer. But even when the debtor is not the source of the funds, the retainer is property of the bankruptcy estate – which is particularly important if the case later converts to Chapter 7. Read More ›

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Sixth Circuit: Rejection of Chapter 11 Plan not a “Final Appealable Order” for Purposes of Appellate Jurisdiction

Lindsey v. Pinnacle Nat’l Bank (In re Lindsey), Appeal No. 12-6362 (6th Cir., Aug. 13, 2013)

The Sixth Circuit held this week in a published opinion that a bankruptcy court’s denial of confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan is not a final appealable order. In so holding, the Sixth Circuit joins four other circuits, while three other circuits have held to the contrary. Read More ›

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Changes to the Proof of Claim Form as of December 1, 2011

Effective December 1, 2011, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (FRBP) that govern filing a proof of claim will change dramatically. 

FRBP 3001 will be amended to increase the types of information required to be attached to a proof of claim.  While Rule 3001 has always required a claimant to produce a writing to support its claim, now a claimant must also attach information relative to the principal, interest, fees, and any other expenses incurred pre-petition - including arrearages.  Read More ›

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New Amendments to Bankruptcy Rules Take Effect

Although less sweeping than the 2009 rule amendments, which changed the time periods for many actions, bankruptcy professionals should take note of the most recent changes to the Bankruptcy Rules. A list of the amendments, which took effect on December 1, 2010, is available here.

Notably, Amended Rule 1007(c) increases the time for an individual debtor in Chapter 7 to file the statement of completion of a course concerning personal financial management from 45 days to 60 days. Read More ›

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